1060 Boot Road Downingtown, PA

Customer Testimonials

We are very meticulous proud homeowners and your team did an absolutely an awesome job and totally respected the adjoining landscaping while operating very professionally and expeditiously. Thank you very much for sending that team to our home for our minor project.
Peter Houston

Thank you for a Great Looking Job!
David Kolpak

We are very pleased with the work done by your crew recently. We have now had several rain events and all is flowing along as planned and executed without visible degradation of the surfaces. Thanks again we will call again next time we need work done.
Joe & Diane Moon

Paving of Glenview Road. Thank you so much for taking the time to give us this welcome feedback. I'm copying the Board, along with our Township engineer, Dan Wright, and Roadmaster, Jim Thompson, who were both overseeing the project. We'll also be sure to pass along your kind remarks to Dan Malloy paving.
Linda M. Csete, Charlestown Township Manager

Hi Matt, I inspected your 2013 Paving Project yesterday because I had some other municipalities to view in your area....two observations; EBT is a beautiful township, my first visit, and I like rural. Secondly, your contractor performed the best work on rural roads of any project I have inspected so far....the paving is uniform, the center seam is tight, a nice crown to the road and a real nice job of working around the inlets ! Nice to see, considering we see some projects that don't look so great. Get your 999 Project Completion Final report submitted and I'll sign and approve it and get it back to you quickly.
Steve Yourtee of PennDOT

I just wanted to let you know how much I and the other residents of Glenview Rd. appreciate the replacement and repair of the curved gutter and repaving of our road. It is a wonderful sight to see the rain water flowing down the road instead of onto our yards and into our homes. It was a much needed project that brought relief to many of us. Thank you. I also wanted you to know that the Malloy company workers were a very pleasant group of men to have working on the project as was the group of guys who did the concrete work. I am the only resident who had installed pressure treated 6 x 6 timbers along the top of the old street gutter at my front property line and put in plantings to try and prevent the water and debris from entering my yard. The man who operated the backhoe was extremely kind in trying to "scoop" up my plants and lay them down without burying them, so I could salvage as many as possible when the work was done. If we had know ahead of time just how extensive the digging into our yards would be, I would have been out there getting everything out of the way. But he did a great job being as gentle as he could in a backhoe to save my plants. He also gave me time to dig up other plants and find as many bulbs as I could in an area where they were to dig. I had previously scheduled for replacement windows to be installed and he arranged for my driveway to remain useable for those workers for the day they were here. This backhoe man also dug out the 6 x 6 timbers in one piece so I could re-use them if I wanted to. He and the other workers stacked the timbers in my yard so they would be out of the way until I decided what to do with them. Several of the timbers are really rotted on the bottom so I know the water was really flowing under them and they served their purpose over the years. At the end of their work day, the workers would wave goodbye to those of us who were outdoors as if we were family members. Their kindness and positive attitude made the inconvenience of not being able to use our driveways a lot less of a hassle. They also kept us informed as to what was going to happen next at which properties. I would highly recommend this company for any future road work in our township.
Kathleen Wilson

I wanted to pass along this compliment from one of the residents along Osborne Road.
Thank you,
Matthew VanLew

Mr. Van Lew: I would like to say that you and the contractor that resurfaced Osborne Rd did a fine job.The contractor did a nice job of milling the edges cleanly & then finished the seams of nicely. They dealt with the inlet box, just up from our lane professionally. It wasn't too disruptive when the culvert pipe was replaced. When they dug up the unmarked Verizon conduit, they got the utility out there quickly for repairs so they could finish. Thanks for a good job. Ron Barron
Marsha Biderman & Ron Barron

We appreciate the nice words for the work completed on Osborne Road. Our contractor did a good job considering the condition of the road prior to his work. They re-profiled the road in the area of Wooded Acres to help capture more of the stormwater that was flowing down to your driveway. We still have some work to do such as filling along the road and seeding a few area. We are currently working on Hadfield Road which was overlaid as part of this year's project. I will pass your email onto our contractor Malloy Paving. Thank you,
Matthew VanLew

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how completely satisfied I am with the job your crew did at my location. Steve and his guys were the most conscientious and industrious bunch of people I have ever seen. Each man was always busy doing something. If they finished a job, they immediately went to another job and started working there. There was no waste motion, no waiting around for someone else to complete their work. They all worked together as a team in a manner you seldom see.

The finished product is outstanding. Several of my tenants have commented on how good the parking lot looks and on the quality of the work.

There is no doubt that I will highly recommend D. Malloy Paving and especially Steve and his crew to anyone I know who is looking for paving work. I can not imagine finding a better contractor. Thanks again to Steve and his crew for a job well done.
Earl Widergren, Willows One LLC

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